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30 Money Back Guarantee:
To give our customers more value and an opportunity to find out if our services are appropriate for them, we offer a free 30 money back guarantee to customers ordering our Basic, Advanced, Professional, and Pro Plus web hosting accounts. If, for what ever reason, you wish to close your account within the 30 day free trial period, your fees pain will be refunded. Please note that if your account is terminated by Mill City Solutions during the 30 day free trial period for violation of our Terms of Service, you will be billed for any setup fees and one month fees. The 30 day money back guarantee does not apply to added services.

Privacy Policy:
Mill City Solutions does not spam nor approve of spamming. We do not and will not give, sell, or otherwise distribute your information to other companies, organizations, or individuals for any purpose. We will only send you our newsletter or product information e-mails at your request. If at any time your wish be taken off our e-mail list just send us a stop request at newsletter@millcityweb.net . All of our web pages which involve the entering of credit card data or other sensitive data are on secure servers. If you are entering credit card data and your browser does not indicate that you are viewing a secure web page (usually indicated by a closed padlock icon located somewhere within your browsers window), then immediately stop entering your data and notify us at info@millcityweb.net . If you have any questions  regarding our privacy or security policies please e-mail us at info@millcityweb.net.

IP Allocation Policy:
Due to ARIN (the organization that regulates and assigns IP addresses) rules and policies, we will only distribute IP addresses based on the expressed need of the end user. Even though you may not have used your packages allocation of IP addresses, you must provide a written statement and reconciliation of your currently used IP addresses which shows a direct need for more IP addresses. Name based virtual web serving is to be used whenever possible to conserve on IP address use.

Spam Policy:
Spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail) will not be tolerated nor allowed. Immediate termination of your account without warning nor refund of already paid fees will occur if Spam is found to be originated from your account or if your web site is associated with Spam. In addition we may apply added fees for complaint investigation and lost resources. Please read our Terms of Service
for more information on our anti-spam policies.

Telnet/Shell Accounts:
Mill City Solutions does not grant or allow telnet/shell accounts. Shell account access does not accompany any of our virtual web hosting packages. Shell accounts present too many security risks which could compromise the security and usability of other customers accounts.

Acceptable Content Policy:
In order to be better Internet citizens and to promote good citizenship, Mill City Solutions restricts certain content from being placed on our servers or being associated with a web site hosted on one of our servers. Content which is found to violate our Terms of Service is strictly prohibited and can result in the immediate termination of your account. This includes but is not limited to pornography or "adult only" material and material in violation of copyright laws. Please see our Terms of Service for a more complete list of material prohibited from Mill City Solutions servers and accounts.